Guitar Tricks and Jamplay are without a doubt two of the most well-known online guitar tutorial sites today. The two sites have been around much longer than the competition. This means that they have larger collections of lessons as well as very experienced teachers. If you are a person looking for guitar lessons online, Guitar Tricks and Jamplay should be on top of your choices. However, you need to pick between the two unless you want to sign up in both sites. Below is a comprehensive comparison of the two sites, their features, and the services they offer. It’s worth mentioning here that they offer the same membership fee which is $19.95 a month.

Best Comparison for Guitar Tricks Vs Jamplay

1) Lessons Available to Students – Both sites have thousands of guitar lessons that members can access anytime and anywhere. These lessons also cover beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners. Guitar Tricks has an inventory of 600 song lessons which is more extensive compared to Jamplay’s 300 song lessons. However, Jamplay offers lessons in more genres. A big difference between these lessons is that Guitar Tricks allows you to download the lessons. Jamplay doesn’t have a download feature.

2) User Interface – In pitting Guitar Tricks vs Jamplay, we need to look into the user interface of each site. Both sites allow bookmarking lessons, viewing finished lessons, and tracking your progress history. As far as interface is concerned, Jamplay offers the extra benefit of collecting badges and points as a student completes his lessons.

3) Online Tools – Both sites provide their students with backing tracks, reference tuners, cord and scale finders, and metronomes. The main difference between the two is that Guitar Tricks has a downloadable video player which makes it a lot easier for a student to learn the lessons. Jamplay doesn’t have a downloadable video player.

4) Extra Features – Each website maintains a forum where learners and teachers can hang out and talk about anything related to playing guitar. Jamplay even has a live webcam wherein students can directly interact with their teachers. There are also learning games that you can play. Guitar Tricks has one learning game while Jamplay has three learning games.

5) Refund Policy – When it comes to getting a refund, Jamplay gives you only seven days to decide whether you are going to ask for a refund. On the other hand, Guitar Tricks allows you to use their service for up to sixty days before asking for a refund.

As you can see above, Guitar Tricks and Jamplay are not that different from each other. They share common ground when it comes to the quality of their lessons and the effectiveness of their teachers. With that said, choosing between the two sites is a matter of personal preference. For instance, if you want a downloadable video player, then go with Guitar Tricks. If you want to collect points and badges as you progress through the lessons, then choosing Jamplay would be a good idea. The bottom-line here is that the two sites offer great lessons and tutorials on how to quickly learn to play the guitar.

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